Keptin Jimmy Bernard, Master Basket Weaver

Keptin James (Jimmy) Bernard is a Mi’kmaw artisan specializing in the traditional art of basket making. Growing up on Lennox Island and Boston, Jimmy learned to pound the ash, shave the wood, and weave it into baskets from his parents, David Bernard and Dorothy Sark. While making baskets served as a means of survival for his parents, the craft became a lifelong love and therapeutic outlet for Jimmy. 

Today, he spends much of his time engrossed in his craft, continuing to pound, shave, cut, and weave intricate baskets. His one-of-kind works of art can be displayed for their beauty and used as they were intended, to carry or hold items. Jimmy makes his baskets from black ash and sugar maple trees, sourcing his raw materials from northern New Brunswick and with help from the many friends he’s made over his lifetime. His basket designs are inspired by the people and places that have made a mark on his heart over the years. When he can, Jimmy enjoys basket making alongside his friend, Joe John Sanipass from Elsipgotog First Nation.

Jimmy is proud to carry on the Mi’kmaw tradition of basket-making. He hopes that by sharing his passion he can help revive this important craft and its cultural significance. His baskets are available for sale when he does demonstrations around the Island, as well as at Christmas craft fairs that he participates in.


Keptin Jimmy Bernard

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North Cape Coastal