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Discover the Beauty of Art and Culture AT OUR INDIGENOUS PEI STORE.

In 2023 the Indigenous PEI Store debuted in Charlottetown at 111B Grafton and as a seasonal pop-up at the  Charlottetown Mistletoe Market. Work is ongoing as we prepare to open for 2024 in a new location with the same look and feel that visitors love.  The new storefront will continue to showcase our rich culture and allow visitors to discover a diverse array of artworks crafted by our talented Indigenous maker community.  

More than just a store, the Indigenous PEI Shop is a space to get curious and gain an understanding of the stories that underpin each piece of art. Who made it? How was it made? How does it represent their cultural heritage and creative inspirations? 

This innate curiosity often leads to conversations about reconciliation. We embrace these moments, recognizing that through open dialogue, we pave the way for understanding and mutual respect. Every interaction becomes an opportunity to learn and grow together.

Products from leatherworks to jewellery, apparel, wall hangings, beadwork, baskets, pottery, books, and plenty are still available online:

Explore the Online Store – Bringing the Experience to Your Doorstep

While our physical shop is closed, we offer you the opportunity to discover our island’s Indigenous art and culture through our online store. Shop from  the comfort of home and enjoy browsing the same inventory of  exquisite artworks that are on display at our store. 

Connect with Indigenous PEI from anywhere in the world – explore our virtual store and let the stories of these exceptional artworks transport you to the heart of our island’s Indigenous culture.

 AN Immersive Cultural Experience – Continuing in 2024

Beyond the exquisite artworks on display, our Indigenous PEI storefront offers an inviting space for small events and demonstrations. Here, elders and artisans can engage with our customers, sharing their knowledge and wisdom. We believe that fostering these connections is vital in preserving and celebrating Indigenous culture.

As we prepare for our new home, we plan to hold small events and demonstrations in partner locations. Keep an eye on our festival and events section and social media channels to stay up-to-date on what’s happening at Indigenous PEI.

Join us as we create an inclusive space for all, embracing the spirit of reconciliation and cherishing the stories woven into each piece of art.

Stay Tuned for In-Store Experiences, Events, and Demonstrations!

Indigenous PEI is thrilled to announce that we have been named a finalist for the prestigious 2024 ITAC Indigenous Tourism Awards. Out of over 110 nominations received this year, our storefront has been recognized for its exceptional contribution to business development within the Indigenous community. We are honored to be acknowledged for our dedication to showcasing Indigenous culture and heritage through our storefront, earning us a spot as a finalist for the ‘Leading the Way in Business Development (Community-Based)’ award. This recognition is a testament to our ongoing commitment to promoting Indigenous tourism and fostering meaningful connections with visitors. Thank you to ITAC for this incredible recognition, and congratulations to all the finalists!


Indigenous PEI Mistletoe Market Location

Confederation Centre of the Arts Plaza

130 Queen St

Charlottetown, PE