Barbara Bernard is a multi-talented Mi’kmaw artisan that works in a variety of traditional mediums, including beadwork, leather crafting, drum-making, and doll-making. Born in Boston and raised in Scotchfort, she has been crafting for over 30 years. A self-taught artisan, Barbara learned beadwork by watching her brother and had the opportunity to refine her crafting skills while working at Minigoo Indian Arts & Crafts in Charlottetown. While she enjoys working in a diversity of mediums, she especially loves making regalia for dolls of various sizes.

When she began crafting, it was primarily a means to provide for her family. Now, Barbara does it for the pleasure it offers and to celebrate her Mi’kmaw culture. In addition to her crafting, she is also well-known in the community for her sewing skills and is often sought after to sew regalia for dolls.

Barbara is the daughter of Mary Francis Bernard and the stepdaughter of Isaac Paul. She has worked with Abeqweit First Nations for over 23 years and resides in Scotchfort. Barbara considers herself a knowledge keeper and loves sharing the Seven Sacred teachings she has learned from her elders. She also enjoys spending time with her three grown children and crafting with her 10 grandchildren.

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Barbara Bernard