Introducing Lentuk Beads, a vibrant celebration of indigenous beadwork crafted by artist Nic Joseph. Hailing from the Elsipogtog First Nation, New Brunswick she now resides on Epekwitk since 2020. Nic’s journey into the world of beadwork is a fusion of tradition, inspiration, and personal expression.

Immersed in the rich tapestry of indigenous artistry on the island, Nic’s passion for beadwork was ignited by the awe-inspiring creations of local artisans. Guided by her mother, Erica Augustine, Nic began her beadwork odyssey at the young age of 13, only to rediscover and hone her skills as an adult, delving deeper into the intricate craft that is indigenous beadwork.

At the heart of Nic’s artistic vision lies a profound connection to her roots and a deep reverence for the LGBTQ2S+ community. Her creations are not just adornments; they are vibrant narratives woven with threads of cultural heritage and inclusive spirit, each piece a testament to the diversity and resilience of indigenous identity.

While Nic’s current repertoire focuses primarily on earrings, her ambitions soar beyond conventional boundaries. With an eye toward innovation and expansion, she dreams of pushing the boundaries of indigenous beadwork, exploring new avenues of creativity, and weaving her unique vision into the fabric of contemporary artistry.

Lentuk Beads stands as a testament to Nic Joseph’s unwavering commitment to preserving and evolving the tradition of indigenous beadwork, one bead at a time. With each meticulously crafted piece, she invites you to join her on a journey of cultural celebration, empowerment, and boundless creativity.

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Nic Joseph

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Charlottetown, PE, Canada