Mi’kmaw artisan Francis Jadis has been crafting in a variety of mediums for the past 50 years. In addition to traditional basket weaving, he also makes eagle fans, jingle dress belts, potato baskets, and baby bassinettes. Growing up on Lennox Island and later Scotchfort, Francis learned to pound the wood and weave baskets by watching family members. On family trips to Maine, he and his brother Tom would pound the ash, breaking it into splints for their baskets. 

Five decades on and Francis is still pounding the ash, sourcing the raw wood from Maine and Plaster Rock, NB. In the past, Francis was also a keen builder, making dories and scowls for the fishing community. As the only member of his family that weaves, he hopes to teach one or more of his grandchildren the craft so they can carry on the tradition. 

Youtube Video: Basket Making with Elder Francis Jadis 


Francis Jadis

Points East Coastal

Mount Stewart, PE, Canada

(902) 731-7217