Frequently Asked Questions

What should I refer to the Indigenous Peoples of PEI (Epekwitk) as?

PEI/Epekwitk is the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq (meeg-mah) People.

Using the terms “First Nations” and “Indigenous” is also acceptable, but the more specific you are to a group or individual’s nation is best. 

Importantly, some outdated and derogatory terms you should never use include: Indian, Aboriginal, Micmac, and “Native.

Do I need permission to visit a reservation on PEI or to attend an Indigenous celebration such as a Mawio’mi (pow wow)?

You do not need permission to visit our reservations or attend our public events. We welcome you with open arms and hearts. We do encourage you to travel respectfully and responsibly, so we can all enjoy harmonious and uplifting interactions. 

As a non-Indigenous person, what items is it acceptable for me to purchase from an Indigenous person (and wear?)

Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to buy from Indigenous businesses. If you’re not sure if it’s appropriate to buy a certain item, it’s always okay to ask the seller. A common rule is that purchasing most items is fine! That being said, purchasing and wearing regalia is not considered appropriate at this time because many Indigenous groups are reclaiming their culture.

What kind of weather should I expect on Epekwitk and how should I prepare/dress?

Epekwitk is a four-season destination. Spring, summer, fall, and winter each have their own distinct personalities and we embrace each with deep appreciation.

Temperatures vary significantly from season to season, as well as within each season. Here’s a general guide of average temperatures on PEI:

  • Summer  20°C (70°F) to mid 30°C (90°F)
    • Spring/Fall  8°C (46°F) to 22°C (72°F)
    • Winter –22°C (-7.6°F) to 3°C (25°F)

As an island, we are prone to unpredictable and sudden changes in the weather. The best way to prepare is to dress in layers and have an umbrella handy (if it can double as a beach accessory, even better). 

Checking the weather forecast can provide some sense of what to expect in the day, but don’t rely on it too heavily… Mother Nature often has her own plans!

I am planning to visit the island during the winter months. Can I still connect with Indigenous PEI during this time of year?

While opportunities to connect with Indigenous PEI are fewer in the winter months, please check our calendar of events and connect directly with our tour operators and artisans for more guidance. One event we’d love to see you at is the Indigenous Artisan Christmas Market, which takes place in Charlottetown during the festive season. 

In case of an emergency, what do I do?

For emergencies (police/hospital) call: 911

For non-emergency police services, please check with the region you are visiting for the local police or RCMP station contact information.

For non-emergency hospital services visit Health PEI and contact the hospital or walk-in clinic in the region you are visiting.

What are the tipping customs in PEI and, specifically, when interacting with Indigenous hosts/businesses?

On PEI, tipping is considered the standard practice at food and drink establishments. While there’s no specific tipping expectation, adding 15% to 20% to your final bill is considered the norm. Tipping of housekeeping staff, tour guides, taxi/tour bus drivers, and other hospitality staff is appreciated and at your discretion.  The same tipping customs apply when interacting with Indigenous businesses and hosts. 

Is there public transit in the areas of significance to Indigenous PEI?

Public transit on the island is limited to Charlottetown/Stratford and a few other routes (e.g. Charlottetown to Summerside). We encourage you to explore the island by car and bring along bikes if you enjoy cycling. There are many hiking and cycling trails throughout the Island to explore – you’ll gain an appreciation for the many gifts Mother Nature has bestowed on Epekwitk and enjoy the sereneness of a quiet forest walk.