Megapaji: Experience Lennox Island

October 8, 2023: 2pm- 5pm

Welcome to “Megapaji: To Eat in Abundance” at Lennox Island, overlooking beautiful Malpeque Bay! Mi’kmaq artisans will greet you, showcasing their exquisite craftsmanship with traditional baskets, porcupine quill artwork, and drums made from smoked ash and moose hide. Join the Traditional Smudging Ceremony led by Keptin Jim Bernard, followed by a delectable menu of locally-sourced food prepared over an open fire. Get ready for a fun-filled celebration of Mi’kmaq culture, art, and culinary delights!

The Menu:
Whole Lobster Split with Chanterelle Cream

Mussels cooked in Sumac and Sage

Oysters (Indigenous Rockefeller) on the fire with Smoked Duck and spinach, Sunchoke Brûlée

Fire Roasted Halibut (on Cedar)with Three Sisters, Pinecone Syrup

Blueberry Bannock Pies, Blueberry Whip

Traditional Tea

Non-alcoholic beverage included

October 8 - 8, 2023

North Cape Coastal

Lennox Island, 8 Eagle Feather Trail, Lennox Island, PE C0B 1P0, Canada